Whiled App

Find Love around you

Whether it is your love for a partner or as a friend.

Better Success Rate

We help you in proposing to your love without any social embarrassment in case of rejection.

Why Whiled app?

90% people has number of their crush in their Contacts list. So, It's not about finding your love. It's about getting the love you deserve.
the pub squiffy.

Secret Vault - Hide your Secrets

  • Images                                                            

  • Videos

  • Files - Any Type

  • Contacts

  • Secret Notes


Write4Me - Transcribe Voice into Text and Write your stories without a break

Let's you write, share and save your stories. Supports unlimited cloud and exporting to PDF files as well.                                                        
  • Voice to Text       

  • Text to Voice

  • Voice to PDF

  • Unlimited free storage on Cloud

  • Lock with Biometric Authentication


Frequently Asked Queries

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Yes all the applications listed on this website are developed by RanaQuest.com                                                                                                
All these applications are already released and are available on Digital Stores. iPhone users can download the apps from App Store and Android users can download the same from Google Play Store
Yes, Write4me, Vault, While and Jukebox can be run on M1 Mac.        

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